Terms & Conditions 

Operational Plan

To ensure greater consistency for children and to avoid misunderstandings with parents the nursery has devised its own operational plan incorporating the nursery Policies and Procedures. The operational plan is available to view on request.

Needs of Individuals

All members of staff recognise each child as an individual and whilst some children are specially gifted others may require specific needs. Parents are invited to discuss any specific needs of their child at any time with their child’s key-person or the manager.

Collection of children

The Wishing Well has invested in computer technology that is able to monitor and record details of parents/guardians that collect your children. Photo’s of all those eligible to collect children can be scanned into the computer enabling instant confirmation of an individual’s claimed identity and their collection details. Parents may also choose to use our Computerised Password System. With all these systems in place parents can relax and feel confident that their child’s safety has been put before all others regardless of expense. Unauthorised personnel will not be eligible to collect any child in our care.


To help protect the children against contagious Infections whilst at the nursery and in accordance with Ofsted recommendations a policy on illness has been devised by the Wishing Well. We reserves the right to refuse a child who appears unwell on arrival. Cases of Conjunctivitis, Diarrhoea, Vomiting, High Temperature, Unexplained Rash etc will be dealt with at the time. If necessary the child may be sent home.

Admission Procedure

Parents are invited to view the nursery and complete an application form. All information will be entered on to the nursery computer and a place will be allocated for your child. The nursery must be notified about any changes to a Child's Information i.e. Emergency Contact Numbers etc. A deposit of £100.00 will be required this will secure the place indefinitely. If the place is not taken only £50.00 of the deposit will be refunded. Orientation visits will be arranged for your child before the start date.

On registration parents are asked to complete a Consent Form that authorises the nursery to:

  • Health Care Authorisation - to seek medical attention in an emergency
  • Administering medication -  give calpol or other medication if required
  • Sharing of Information - share information about your child with schools/other settings 
  • Safeguarding - have a duty to report any suspicions of neglect/abuse to LADO
  • Sun Cream - apply sunscreen while at nursery
  • Visits -  take children of the premises for walks to parks etc
  • Photos - use of photos within the setting

An agreement form is to be completed, this acknowledges that you have read understand and agree with the Wishing Well Day Nursery’s Terms & Conditions and have notified the nursery who is authorised to collect your child.


A months notice in writing must be given to the nursery when leaving, or to change your attendance.