The Bears 

The Wishing Well have four bears, Holiday Bear, Celebration Bear, Wishing Well Bear & Jofli Bear. They all like to see and visit new places and meet people whenever they can.

'Wishing Well Bear' loves to go home with the children, he enjoys lots of company and especially like to have his photo taken. One special thing ‘Wishing Well Bear’ enjoys is being read the stories from his very own diary about his past adventures.

'Holiday Bear' likes to travel, especially on an aeroplane, she enjoys joining in family holidays near and far. She especially loves having her photo taken in new and unusual places. See the latest pictures and the places Holiday Bear has visited here

‘Celebration Bear’ loves to help the children celebrate their special day, take him home and let him help with the birthday celebrations. He has a taste for birthday cake.

 Jofli Bear We have a new addition to our bear collection, his name is Jofli and he’s got his very own web site where you can track his journeys. Details of login name and password are available upon request.